Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bookshelf Update

I wrote this review on Facebook quite a while ago, and just realized I hadn't shared it with the wider world. (Sorry!)

The God of Our Deepest Longings: Seven Biblical Meditations
by Peter Van Breemen

A friend sent me this book and I put it in chapel with my prayerbooks. You never know when you need something new and different! I picked it up last week and couldn't put it down. It was easy to read- only about a hundred pages, but I'm on my second time, much-slower, let's-relish-this reading.

Even the chapter titles are worthy of a long meditation: "What are you looking for?", "Where do you live?", "What Supports you?", "Becoming Transparent". It's a thin book, but I guarantee that it would last you through Lent and probably through Pentecost :) Or longer, depending on how much you get out of it. Personally, between the suggested Scripture readings, the questions for reflection....I'll be at this one for quite a while. I love finding new treasures and passing them on. It would be an easy one to miss, but please don't. It covers the most basic desires of our heart and reveals the God of our deepest longings through the most beautiful passages of Scipture.