Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mailbox time!

From Michael:

Subject: I want a good life changing book.

Hi, I stumbed led upon your blog when I googled "Catholic books that can change your life."

I am not a rapacious reader as I get bored quickly.  But when I find a good book, I will read it through like a hungry kid eats popcorn.  Most of the Catholic books I have read failed to capture my attention this way.    I have had "epiphanies" when reading books before that have motivated me to change some aspect of my life, but I have yet to find a genuinely modern Catholic book that has been successful in pushing me to the next level spiritually. 

I am a Catholic husband and father of a one-year old, and I work as a professional.  I am trying to build a stronger prayer life as I receive spiritual direction and pray with my wife regularly.  But I am seeking grace anywhere I can get it, even if it means it is in a book (something besides your standard prayer books or the Bible).  So if you know of something that will appeal to someone in my state of life and keep my attention, by all means, please recommend it.

Fully Human, Fully Divine: An Interactive ChristologyAnd my answer: 

There are a lot of books, but the first one that comes to mind is "Fully Human, Fully Divine" by Michael Casey.  I've read it at least five times, underlined, hi-lighted, it's definitely worth reading if you have a chance.  Say a prayer before you go book-hunting.  There are so many books, a little Divine inspiration couldn't hurt!