Monday, May 08, 2006

Believe it or not...

It's funny how you have plans to read one book and end up with another.

I had no intentions of reading it but for some reason I picked up a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (a great small size copy that's kind of like a prayerbook or missal...printed in Australia and I found it in Italy...but it's in English, in case you're wondering!) I used it once before for meditation a few years ago and decided to read through it again. This time with a hi-lighter. Just for your happy's marvellous. Like classic can never exhaust it and you never get tired of going back to it again and again. I get the same feeling when I'm reading the Gospels - how did I miss that? Was that always there?

Read #260 . The prayer by Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity is beyond beautiful.

The CCC is not just a textbook or a reference deserves to be meditated!

What's your favorite number??


Mojo said...

Hi...just saying hello from Northern Ireland. As a new blogger I like to look at others and read about lives which seem so different to mine!

Hope to hear from you sometime!

Blessings! Mojo

SHE2011 said...

Oh that one is beautiful! I don't think that any other one could ever match up to that one!!! Like you said beyond beautiful! It is astounding! I wish I could speak like that about Jesus!

I love #226. A prayer by St. Nicholas of Flue.