Monday, May 03, 2010

A conversation on Facebook

I just heard from a new lover of Catholic Books. Jim starting looking for "Catholic books"; that's how he came across my many recommendations. Now we're continuing the conversation on Facebook. Since I haven't been able to update my blog very much, I thought you'd like to join in!

Jim: How I love your absolutely wonderful website! I am a Catholic inquirer, and earlier tonight did a google search for "Catholic books." Hours later, my Amazon Wish List is ridiculous thanks to you! Truly, your love of books and your love for God leaps off the page and I just wanted to express a thousand thanks. I remember browsing in the Alexandria Paulist Press shop, and chatting with a similarly enthusiastic Sister. You've made my night.

Jim: I just discovered Fr. Barron on your website, and found his Word On Fire site, which is outstanding. His videos are the finest explanations of the faith I've ever come across. I was knocked out by the interview with Mitch Pacwa, where he talks about truth and beauty, using Notre Dame Cathedral as an example. Nine years ago I visited Paris, and was simply overcome with emotion when entering ND. Fr. Barron describes precisely what happened to me. Truth was beauty and beauty was truth!
It's just so rare to find art experts who aren't pretentious, and frequently on the snobby side, and that's why I love the work that both of you are doing. I'd like to see you have your own show on EWTN!

Me: Fr. Barron is great, isn't he? I really love the way he writes.
Have you read "The Jesuit Guide to (almost) Everything" by Fr. James Martin? I'm in the middle of it right now and I'm really enjoying it!

Jim: I just re-read the Reed (of God, by Carryl Houselander) at Christmas, and it hit me even harder this time, and, I read The Way of The Cross every Advent. She deserves a much "wider audience" as they say. btw....your fans are eager for a blog update!

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