Thursday, February 23, 2006

Love in the Ruins

One of Walker Percy's best. And in post-Katrina New Orleans where I'm now living, one of the most appropriate, believe me! The story takes place in New Orleans, in a time facing the apocalypse. For those who haven't read it, please do. And read it together with Benedict's new Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (which can be printed from the Vatican website, or , if you prefer it in book form, you can click on the Daughters of St. Paul link. )

I went to a talk this past week, which still has me thinking and going back to these two sources for more. It was given by Christopher Baglow, and he did a fascinating job of interweaving Walker Percy's novel with Benedict's encyclical....and the post-Katrina situation in which we find oursleves. Giving a summary of it really wouldn't do it justice, so as soon as he e-mails the text to me, I'll pass it on to you. It's worth reading, and will have you picking up Love in the Ruins and God is Love. Just by the way, for those intimidated by papal encyclicals, dont be. You'll love it.


xaipe said...

That's right, now that you mention it. "Love in the Ruins" is a take on the different kinds of love, and includes the often-neglected social dimension. So it would be a fantastic companion to the encyclical!

Chelsea said...

Sr. Julia,
I just found your blog, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. I myself am a huge book fanatic! Thank you so much!

Sr. Julia said...

Christopher Baglow gave such an excellent talk on Love in the Ruins...I'm hoping he will send it to me soon so I can post it and share with the rest of you.

walkerfuckingpercy said...
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