Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Watcha reading?

Right now? A book by Peter Kreeft, Christianity for Modern Pagans. I was putting away books in from a new shipment and was ready to shelve this one, when something caught my eye. According to Kreeft, his book is an "edited, outlined, and explained" version of Pascal's Pensees. Truth be told, I only have a very casusal acquaintance with Blaise Pascal and haven't read his Pensees completely....just some very good quotes here and I thought Peter Kreeft's book was worth a second look. More than just a look- actually, I found it so engaging that I'm half way through it and really enjoying it. Since I took a very helpful suggestion and got myself a copy of Sophie's World, these two titles go hand in hand. Anyhow, an interesting point from the introduction mentions that Pascal had a huge personal library but at the end of his very short life (he died in his thirties) the only two books he possessed were the Bible and the Confessions of St. Augustine. I love when I find books inside of books! Like Blaise Pascal reading Augustine, or C.S. Lewis reading Charles Williams, or Dorothy Day reading Dostoyevsky. Know of any others?


Sr Mary said...

Really - Dorothy Day references Dostoyevsky? I haven't read anything of her actual writings yet - only Robert Coles' book about her - which was quite good by the way.

Have you noticed that Joseph Ratzinger often refers to Romano Guardini - another author to look into...

Daughter of St. John said...

Just found your Blog :) One of my favorite books is "Maurice and Therese: Story of a Love." by Bishop Patrick Ahern. It's the letters between St. Therese and her spiritual brother Fr. Maurice.

A must read for all in love with Therese! It made her more real to me than her autobio!