Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St. Paul!

Now you would think that a Daughter of St. Paul would be able to tell you where to find a book about her spiritual father and patron saint, right? Well, up until a short while ago I would probably have responded, “good luck!” It seems I’ve been on the look out for a good biography of St. Paul since forever, but in spite of the fact that I basically live in a book store, I couldn’t seem to find anything that wasn’t academic, dry, outdated or just too over my head. Sure, you can always find shelves of books on St. Paul in the Scripture study section (after all, he did write 14 letters in the New Testament) but a decent biography? One that inspired devotion and made me want to be related to him?

Well, I’m writing this to tell you that all is not lost. I did find one! Last year we published Paul, Least of the Apostles, and I grabbed a copy as soon as we put it on display! It was easy to get into the story and I found it an extremely readable biography and one that I could confidently pass on to anyone. You’ll be happy to know that no degree in Scripture or Theology is needed to understand and enjoy this book. Alain Decoux is a French journalist and historian and writes this popular biography for the average reader (that would be most of us!). He has a smooth way of connecting past and present by giving details of the actual places Paul visited in a way that makes you feel as though you’re there and it’s real and you’re part of it. It has great pictures, too – both of the archeological sites and masterpiece artwork of Paul.

All in all, it comes highly recommended by one of his Daughters who has been looking a good long time for a book on him worth getting excited about.


SHE2011 said...

I didn't know your patron saint was St. Paul! You are so right, it is hard to find a book on St. Paul that isn't full of academic views and such. Thank you for sharing this book with readers, speaking for myself I am NOT at all into the whole intellectual books...thank you for sharing this great find Sister Julia! God bless you!

Sarah Beth

Sr. Julia said...

I'm always happy to share a good read!

aaronjmagnan said...

I read a similar biography on Saint Francis by Julien Green, I mean similar in that it spoke of all of this in a nice, narrative form.

Any books of this sort on St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Dominic?

God bless, sister!

Sr. Julia said...

Unfortunately there are no books like this available on St. Thomas Aquinas or St.Dominic. As far as I know. What a wonderful idea, though. There is a novel on the life of St. Thomas Aquinas written by Louis de Wohl ( a favorite Catholic novelist of mine) called The Quiet Light, and another book on his life and spirituality by Fr. Robert Barron (highly recommended!!). I believe the title is just St. Thomas Aquinas. Hope that helps a little.

Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

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mom v many said...

I'm always such a book kinda gal too! I would recommend "The Reed of God" by Caryll Houselander. It is a wonderful look at the Holy Mother.
Intellectual is good but if I can't make it understandable to my kids and husband, well,I have no one to enjoy it with.

Bless you for your choice of vocation! I have 1 daughter who loves to come to daily mass and the retired nuns just keep praying she'll make the choice one day to be a nun.