Friday, September 11, 2009

Fr Barron's "Eucharist"

I just finished reading Fr. Robert Barron's new book, "The Eucharist" and wanted to post a "must read" to the blog:) Honestly, this priest just gets better and better! Since I never miss any of his books, this one was on my to-read list and I ended up taking it home with me on vacation. In a very slim book of 141 pages he manages to give the most inspiring insights into the Eucharist that I have read in ages. He runs the gamut from "Babette's Feast" to Flannnery O'Connor to Thomas Aquinas. A whirlwind look, which at the same time manages to be profound and thorough....and surprisingly accessible, whether you happen to be a theologian or a housewife. Bottom line for me is the fact that you can't read it without being touched and grateful and rather in awe of the gift we've been given. A book that can do that is certainly worth the read. Thanks again, Fr.Barron, for another gem!

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