Thursday, September 24, 2009

This one's mine!

With the month of the Rosary starting in just a week, I don't think you'll mind if I do a little self-promotion here... The children's Rosary booklet first came out years ago (and it seems like it took me years to do all the illustrations!). When Pope John Paul II introduced the Luminous mysteries, I knew I was going to have to take out the pastels and update the book, but between running a bookstore (and running out of town for Hurricane Katrina), it took a little longer than anticipated. Finally, it's updated and available.

The format is like the "Scriptural Rosary" (the one with the blue and white cover) that offers a short bible passage for each "Hail Mary." In this booklet, the thoughts are on a child's level. This would be good for children up to about ten years old. It includes a chart showing how to pray the Rosary, and each set of mysteries has its own little chart showing how the decades fall along the string of beads.

Speaking for myself, I find it easier to pray the Rosary when the rosary beads themselves are beautiful! (Now I make my own.) Do the children in your family have the kind of rosary that invites them to pick it up and use it?

Other children's books on the Rosary:


"My First Book about Mary" is another book I illustrated (Sr Christine Virginia wrote it). Can you tell that Mary has a special place in my life?

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Beautiful pictures!