Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daily Reads

Nearer to the Heart of God: Daily Readings from the Christian Mystics

This is one of those "daily" books thay I usually pick up every January for my thought-a-day. I've had it for five years or more, but, I'm surprised every time I read it at how inspired this collection is. Quotes from mystics, saints and holy people who made it their lifes aim to be "nearer to the heart of God". Since I consider that the essential goal of my life, I keep going back to it. These thoughts are sometimes only a few lines or a short paragraph, but sometimes a short thought is all it takes to keep you refreshed and focused for the day. Personally I tend to remember one-liners much better than pages of text--for example, here's one from St. Francis de Sales: "Don't sow weeds in the soil of your heart. Your garden space is limited." Good point, you know? 
One good way to tend the garden of your heart is to water it with good reading. Start with this one!


Dragan said...

The possibility of reading even a line a day might inspire one to read books:) It deffinitely does wonders for my reading habbits. These days I'm rereading chapters from the Epistles of St Paul for the Pauline year, and I'm enjoying the Spiritual Maxims of Brother Lawrence.

RAnn said...

I have a Lenten reading meme going; do you want to participate?