Monday, January 12, 2009

Perpetua: A Novel

Sorry about the long silence...I've been reviewing books on Facebook! But I'll share them with you here, too!

I have always been fascinated by the story of Perpetua and Felicity that was recounted in the Office of Readings (from Perpetua's own diary!), so naturally I had to pick up this book. Title, cover, story, everything was asking me to take it off the library shelf. Brought it home and promptly ordered a copy of my own. Once upon a time there was a book that grabbed me like this and made me change my direction in life. I was 13 and read the Song of Bernadette. Went from that to every life of a saint I could find....mostly young girls my age: Joan of Arc. St. Agnes, Maria Goretti etc. Now to come across a story like this one that "fills in the blanks" around the account of her martyrdom and recreates a flesh and blood woman of such conviction and passion and know, the kind of life your longing to live.
There's another book on Perpetua entitled "What Would You Die For?" This book shows not only what (Who) she most willingly died for, but who she most passionately lived for as well.

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