Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple Ways

This was a Christmas gift from a dear friend so I put it in my "chapel" pile of books and picked it up this week. What a pleasant surprise to find something so perfect for the New Year.
A book that makes you slow down and appreciate all the treasures we have right at hand...and that are so often ignored or taken for granted. This is a small book with small chapters, but everything else about it is BIG. The author ( Gunilla Norris) has an approach that reminds me very much of Brother Lawrence and his classic book, "Practice of the Presence of God." His book, too, is deceptively short and simple, but just try putting it into practice! It's one of those "lifetime" things!

I only made it through three extremely short chapters of "Simple Ways" and felt compelled to start again and go slower. In my humble opinion, any book that can do that is worth reading. And thanks, Peggy, for the Christmas gift that I'll be using all year!

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